If you have questions or need help with programming related to solid waste management (e.g., reduce-reuse-recycle, composting, hazardous waste disposal) contact the ENRI Task Force at waterquality@uky.edu. Extension publications and additional links are available below.
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Additional Links



Home Composting: A Guide to Managing Yard Waste Publication (HO-75)

Household Composting: Methods and Uses for Compost (Purdue Extension)

Household Composting with Worms (Purdue Extension)



Edible Compost


Instructional Videos and Displays

It's Gotten Rotten 20 minute video developed by Cornell University that discusses the composting process and the applications of composting in a classroom setting. Video and Teacher's Guide available for download.

Build a Vermicompost Bin 5 minute video featuring Amanda Gumbert, UK Extension Specialist, building a worm compost bin.


Additional Resources and Links for Backyard Composting

Cornell University Composting in the Classroom Downloadable Book

US EPA Composting at Home

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Resources

Extension Publications

Household Waste Management: Reduce (HENV-101)

Household Waste Management: Reuse (HENV-102)

Household Waste Management: Recycle (HENV-103)

Household Waste Management: Hazardous Waste (HENV-104)

Planning a Zero-waste Event (HENV-105)

Additional Links

Kentucky Division of Waste Management County Solid Waste Coordinators Contact Information

Kentucky Recycling Facilities by County