Photo: Roger Rhodes leading rain barrel workshop. Photo courtesy of ENRI Task Force.

If you have questions or need help with a program related to water conservation contact the ENRI Task Force at We are available to assist with programming on rain barrels, rain gardens, the 40 Gallon Challenge, and general water conservation practices at home. Education resources and additional links are below.

Rain Barrels
Rain Gardens
40 Gallon Challenge
Water Conservation

Rain Barrels

Extension Publications and Factsheets

Building a Rain Barrel (HENV-201)

DIY Building a Rain Barrel from a Pickle Barrel Factsheet


Short Articles/Information Releases

General Rain Barrel Tips


Instructional Videos

DIY Rain Barrel Build  This 15 minute video shows how to construct a rain barrel from a pickle barrel.



Facilitor's Guide including Example Success Story


Follow-up Evaluation


For the Rain Barrel PowerPoint Presentation with Talking Points or information on hosting a Rain Barrel Workshop contact Andrea Drayer (

Residential Rain Gardens

Extension Publications

Residential Rain Garden: Design, Construction, and Maintenance (HENV-205)


Short Articles/Information Releases

Fall Rain Garden Maintenance Tips



Facilitior's Guide with Example Success Story


Evaluation Follow-up


For additional information, including photographs and a map featuring demonstration gardens throughout KY, visit our Residential Rain Garden webpage. For the Rain Garden PowerPoint Presentation with Talking Points or information on hosting a Rain Garden Workshop contact Andrea Drayer (