Remove weeds, leaves and diseased plants

  • Rain gardens are a manmade depression and tend to collect leaves and debris and should be cleaned out in the fall
  • Rain gardens should not be used as a place to dump leaves. Leaves can float and block the overflow weir of a rain garden

After perennials die back, dead stalks should be cut and removed from the garden

  • Fall removal is recommended if the plants were diseased or had insects or if you do not want the seeds from your plants to germinate.
  • Spring removal is beneficial to allow the plants to provide winter interest of attractive seed heads and dried foliage, as well as for food and shelter for birds

If Fall is excessively dry, continue to water woody species until the ground begins to freeze.

Fall is also an excellent time to check and modify your garden’s overflow area (weir) if needed. Ensure no erosion is occurring, if erosion is occurring, add additional rocks or install landscape fabric to stabilize the soil.

For more information contact: Rick Durham (rick.durham@uky.edu) or Brad Lee (brad.lee @uky.edu) ENRI Task Force.