Wells are essentially open holes that anything can fall into or enter through geological formations. If one is not careful about protecting their well-head, problems can arise in both the quality and quantity of water that is available from your well. In the following sections you can see examples of objects that should not be found in wells and what problems they can cause.
Obstructions: Obstructions prevent water from being extracted from the well at the rate it was built for. These can be cave-ins and other objects that may prevent a pump and piping from operating at their optimum potential.
Inorganic Foreign Objects: Inorganic foreign objects such as trash, are typically found in wells that are improperly constructed and have poor well-head protection.
Organic Foreign Objects: Organic foreign objects such as insects can come from poor construction methods, poor well-head protection and the local geologic formations.
Karst Formations: Karst is a geologic setting usually associated with underground caves, conduits and fractures. These features can have a direct influence on groundwater quality and well construction.
Other Videos: These videos show other problems found in wells.