photo of rain garden and rain barrel

Take Action!

There are several Best Management Practices (BMPs) you can implement to help reduce the quantity of stormwater and improve water quality... just follow the creek!   

Conserve: Keep the rain water on your property but away from buidings to allow it to naturally infiltrate.  Redirect your downspouts to a flower bed or rain garden or capture roof runoff in a rain barrrel for later use.  These practices conserve water and help lower water bills.  Install permeable pavement or gravel.  Don't overwater your lawn.  Plant a tree!

*Watch a short DIY video on constructing a rain barrel.   *Find out more about installing a rain garden.

Reduce nutrients: Sweep up the lawn clippings and leaves from the driveway and sidewalks and put it back on your lawn or in your compost.  Pick up pet waste.  Conduct a soil test before adding fertilizer and follow fertilizer recommendations.  Practice smart lawn care using the 5 Rs when applying fertilizer or other lawn amendments.  Keep fertilizer on the lawn, out of the street and away from water sources.  Cover mulch and soil piles to minimize erosion.  Maintain your septic system.

*Find out more about residential nutrient management                 *Find out more about septic systems

Eliminate pollution sources: Maintain your auto and repair leaks.  Properly dispose of waste or leftover oils, chemicals, paints or hazardouse fluids.  Many communities offer collection of household hazardous waste. Wash your car on the lawn or consider taking it to a carwash that treats and recycles the wastewater.  

Educate others: Share what you have learned with your neighbors.  Participate in stream clean-ups.  Stencil a storm drain.  Sweep around storm drain inlets and keep them free from debris.  We are all in this together.

Know who to contact: Your county Cooperative Extension Agent can provide you with helpful resources and information on what you can do at home.  Many communities have local watershed groups that also provide educational materials and outreach activities. 

Link to CES contacts in your county.