Environmental and Natural Resource Issues
Environmental and Natural Resource Issues



Fresh water is invaluable. Let's work together to protect it.

Photo courtesy: Tom Barnes and UK Forestry and Natural Resources - Extension 

The Environmental and Natural Resource Issues (ENRI) Task Force is part of the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service.  It was formed to identify emerging issues potentially affecting the environment or impacting natural resources and to develop programming to educate our urban and rural audiences.  



2021 Grassplots

What's happening here?

These turfgrass plots are being prepared for a rainfall simulation experiment. Through a series of simulations, we will evaluate phosphorus (P) runoff from lawns.  This is important because P is a nutrient that can enter our stormwater systems and contribute to water quality problems.

Learn ways to reduce your P inputs here: nutrient management at homereducing pet waste pollutioncaring for your septic system

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Contact Information

Brad Lee
ENRI Chair

N122 Agricultural Science North Lexington, KY 40546-0091