Image shows redbud in bloom with reminder to plant trees properly to help them reach their full potential

Trees are a valuable asset and the tree you plant today is an investment on the future.  Mature trees in the home landscape increase property values.  They also provide many ecosystem services that have economic benefits including reduced stormwater runoff, lowered energy demands, and improved air quality.  Consider planting a tree for National Arbor Day!  Is your community a Tree City USA?  Follow this link to the Kentucky Division of Forestry website to find the answer to this question as well as other resources.   

Whether you live in a rural area or a densely populated urban center, we all have a role to play in protecting and improving water quality.  Small changes in our daily habits can add up to big benefits in water conservation and pollution reduction now and for future generations.

Follow these links to find out

  • Why it is important to pick up pet waste;
  • How you can reduce stormwater runoff from your property;
  • What simple lawncare practices you can implement to reduce pollutants from your lawn;  
  • How to manage your septic system to protect groundwater and surface water sources.  

Remember, your actions impact you and others around you.  Being informed is a first step to making sound, sustainable decisions.    

Video Highlight: Impacts of Nutrient Pollution

Reducing nutrient runoff to our streams helps keep our waterways healthy.  Watch this video to learn how excess nutrients from sources like pet waste negatively impact aquatic ecosystems.